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FOR ATTORNEYS ONLY: Legal Consult AFTER Defensive Force Event

IMPORTANT:  Note to non-attorneys: If you have been involved in a defensive force event, Law of Self Defense will not directly provide you with a legal consultation regarding that event.  In such a case we will consult directly only with the attorney you have retained in the relevant jurisdiction.  Simply direct your attorney to this web page.  Alternatively, they can contact us either by email or by phone at 978-331-0988.  (If you have NOT been involved in a defensive force event and would like a legal consult, click here: Legal Consult ABSENT Defensive Force Event.)

Attorneys: How to Register for a Legal Consult

To register and pay for a legal consultation, click here:  Register for Legal Consult AFTER Defensive Force Event.

We typically offer consult dates within three business days of receiving a registration, and strive to do so more quickly if circumstances allow. We understand that time may be of the essence in self-defense concerns.

Note that legal consultations are billed at our usual hourly rate of $450 per hour, with a ten-hour minimum non-refundable retainer. 

(Note:  If your client has been a paid registrant of a Law of Self Defense Seminar or a Law of Self Defense Online Training prior to the defensive force event in question, they may be entitled to the initial hour of Legal Consult After Defensive Force Event on their case, free of charge.  If this describes your client, please contact us at Free Referral and we will confirm whether your client qualifies.)

Additional Details for Non-Attorneys

After a defensive force event, and after you have consulted with your attorney, if you and your attorney feel it would be useful to have Law of Self Defense (specifically, Attorney Andrew F. Branca) assist on your case, then your attorney (not you) should initiate contact with us by purchasing this initial Legal Consultation.  Note that our client in this case is your attorney, not you; it is your attorney, not us, who is providing you with legal advice; and it is your attorney, not us, who will in their sole professional judgment, ultimately decide whether and how to apply our consult to your particular case. All of our communications on your case will be directly to your attorney, not you.

Additional Details for Attorneys

Attorneys:   As stated above, our relationship under the terms of this engagement is with you, and not with your client.

Please find below our generic “Consultation and Fee Agreement,” in the event that you purchase this legal consult directly on behalf of your client.  Purchase of this initial legal consultation is deemed your acceptance of the stated terms and conditions as if you had executed that agreement.  After your purchase of this legal consultation a customized version of this letter will be generated and sent to you for your records.  In addition, you will be promptly contacted to schedule a specific date and time for the consult, generally within 72 hours of your registration (if time is of the essence indicate this in the notes section at checkout).

If you client has already registered for a legal consult from Law of Self Defense, which can only be provided to your client’s attorney, you will be sent a copy of the below terms prior to our substantive discussion of the case.

Should it appear that it would be useful to extend our legal consultation substantively, a more detailed agreement will be agreed upon and executed, specifying expected services, deliverables, and schedules.

NOTE: Consultation fees are non-refundable and consultations must be completed within 30 days of registration.