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Reviews of LOSD Books, Online Training & Live Classes:

“Not only a good idea, an EXCELLENT idea.” Taking Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Class would be not only a good idea, but an EXCELLENT idea. I’ve known him for many years. He’s one of my graduates, and more to the point, he’s an attorney who focuses on this kind of issue with a passion. I thought his reportage from the courtroom in the Zimmerman case (check during the period of the trial) was the gold standard. By all means, take his course. I also recommend his new book, available through”

–Massad Ayoob, Massad Ayoob Group

“If you carry a gun for your personal security you need to read this book.” It has been my experience that most citizen shooters–and some cops, for that matter-really do not understand the proper application of deadly force and what to expect. Recently, I finished reading a book recommended by an FBI Agent friend of mine as being straightforward, useful, and not overly complex. The Law of Self Defense: An Indispensable Guide to the Armed Citizen by Andrew Branca is likely the best book I have ever read on the subject. No, it won’t make you a legal scholar, but you will have a much better understanding of the legalities of using any level of force. Branca, an attorney, covers legal subjects such as innocence, imminence, proportionality, avoidance, defense of others, defense of property, and crafting a legal strategy, but in my opinion his best chapter is the one on reasonableness. I thought I had a good handle on what many refer to as the “reasonableness doctrine,” but after reading this book, I now realize my viewpoint was a bit simplistic. If you carry a gun for your personal security, whether as a sworn officer or armed citizen, you need to read this book. Think that just because you are in uniform your agency will back your actions? You might want to think again.

–Dave Spaulding, Handgun Combatives

“An Excellent Investment” I found the book

[The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition] very useful and informative, but I found the class to be even more so. Partially because of the very specific, knowledgeable discussion of the law in my area, and also because of seeing the impact the presentation was having on the other students. There were moments during the presentation when you could feel the air getting sucked out of the room as Andrew laid out some unpleasant truths about interaction with the legal system. This was obviously new information to many in the room and the looks on their faces told the story of preconceived notions being blown to kingdom come.

–Tim (@TCinVA), Gun Nuts Media

  • “The knowledge gained at the Law of Self Defense Seminar is as important at the ammunition in your weapon.” –Paul L., Odenton MD
  • “As a retired law enforcement officer, a life-long firearms trainer, and a practicing attorney, Andrew’s lecture in Odenton, Maryland on June 28, 2015 was both timely and well-presented. Discussions with other attendees after class told me that all were deeply impressed.” — Alan Booth, Attorney, Odenton, MD
  • “Everyone that includes a firearm in their personal protection plan, inside the home or out, MUST attend this seminar. It is your due diligence as a responsible armed citizen; with or without a CCW permit. This is THE legal background you need to give your lawyer the tools to keep you free after you live thru the encounter. — Chuck, Frederick MD
  • The class was great, probably the most concise but thorough course I’ve attended on the topic (I’m a MAG [Massad Ayoob Group] 40 graduate by the way). It was definitely worth every penny and an afternoon of my weekend – and that is even after reading the book. — Reed Martz, Attorney, Memphis, TN
  • “I always advocate more information/education for anyone planning on conceal carrying.Andrew’s class would fill that legal niche well and was very informative; having gone to both Massad Ayoob’s MAG20C and this, I can safely say at this point that although each class can have materials that may overlap, these classes, while being able to stand on it’s own, would be complementary with each other. A big thanks to Andrew for coming to Chicago, and another big thanks to Lawson Handgun Institute for hosting this!” — Chad N., Chicago, IL
  • I was able to attend the LOSD class and it was simply outstanding. Anyone that has a concealed carry license should make every effort to attend this class and study the material in Andrew’s book. Andrew really took the time to research and present an Illinois specific class to emphasize what you really need to know about Self-Defense law in Illinois. Andrew also presented the material in a thoughtful, well organized manner, and used examples and concepts that everyone could understand; making the complex legalese of the 720 ILCS 5/7-1 and Illinois case law comprehensible. Very pleased with the class and highly recommend it. The Lawson Handgun Institute also was a wonderful host” — Oliver C., Chicago, IL
  • “The class  was extremely valuable to us. Everyone who carries a gun should be in this class, it can save you a lot of problems later. ” — Bill L., Chillicothe, OH
  • “The Law of Self Defense Seminar was best the CLE credits I’ve ever taken!” Attorney Karen Haines, Raleigh NC
  • “Participated in Law of Self Defense Seminar today. It was amazing. Highly recommended for ANYONE with a CCW.” –Jacob Sylvia, MA.
  • “Had 5 friends at Raleigh seminar, all VERY happy with investment. Best CLE I’ve ever taken.” Attorney George P.
  • “The ‘Law of Self Defense’ is a MUST read. Not just read, but study it, and then study it again. Then buy it for your loved ones.” Liam L.
  • “What a wealth of info in The Law of Self Defense! Suspect it will take me a couple of reads through to comprehend all the info.” –Doc S.
  • “The class  was very informative and worthwhile! A big THANKS to Andrew Branca, and also to Lawson Handgun Institute for hosting the event.” — DjachDjach, Chicago, IL
  • “Great class today! You hit on some really key points that are important and noteworthy.” — Mark J., Epping, NH (Sig Sauer Academy)
  • “I thought the class was excellent!” — Patrick W., Epping, NH (Sig Sauer Academy)
  • “Excellent class last Sunday. Your knowledge is absolutely invaluable. My wife and I were very impressed. ” — David V., Epping, NH (Sig Sauer Academy)
  • “Hey Andrew, great class today…thank you. I am buying a second copy of your book for my (future) son-in-law.” — Warren P., Epping, NH (Sig Sauer Academy)
  • “Andrew, please let me take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for the EXCELLENT Law of Self Defense Class in West Columbia, South Carolina today. Your presentation was presented in a manner easily understood by all. Factual. Interesting and thought provoking. I highly recommend your book “The Law of Self Defense” to Concealed Carry Instructors and law abiding citizens of every walk of life. THANKS AGAIN.” — Jim Jones, Self-Defense CWP, Columbia, SC
  • “The class was great and I am spreading the word. We will try again later to put another on soon.”  –Stuart Amos, Semper Primus Firearms Training, Columbia, SC
  • “Once again let me thank you for a class that greatly exceeded my high expectations!” — Dr. Patrick Nolan, PhD, University of South Carolina
  • “Great class. I found that some who believe they understand, don’t.” — Mark Watterson, Culpeper, VA
  • “Thanks for the class. It was very informative, glad I was able to attend.” — Jessica Peterson, Culpeper, VA
  • “The LOSD class in Culpeper Virginia was a fantastic presentation of necessary material.” — TC, Culpeper, VA
  • “I enjoyed your LOSD class yesterday, and learned a lot. Thanks very much!” — Michael T., Culpeper, VA
  • “Really enjoyed the LOSD class today.  So much to think about!” — Stew Stephenson, Culpeper, VA
  • “Just want to thank you for the informative LOSD class yesterday. It was enjoyable and a lot of valuable info.” — Paul Blackburn, Culpeper, VA
  • “Excellent class in Culpeper today. The LOSD class is a must if you carry for self defense!” — David T., Culpeper, VA
  • “Outstanding class – excellent education on a serious subject.  Would appreciate a copy of the slides when you have a chance.  That was indeed a fire hose.” — Tom Henderson [Note: Slides are always available to attendees upon request.]
  • “Great class with @LawSelfDefense in VA today. Great content and well-presented. Recommended highly!” — Charles Wain, Culpeper, VA
  • “Great class, well worth the 4 hour drive to Atlanta.” — Sam Shallenberger, Nashville, TN
  • “Andrew, I thoroughly enjoyed your class and I am looking forward to reading your book.” — Avery B., Columbia, SC
  • “We just finished two Law of Self Defense classes that we hosted at our classroom. The classes took you through all the LEGAL issues from before the self defense shooting to all the way through the aftermath. If you missed these classes and are interested in all the legal issues revolving around a self defense shooting, you missed a great opportunity. We are already working on hosting this class for next fall.” — Barry & Sandy O’Neal, Northwest Florida Firearms Training, Pensacola, FL
  • “Great LOSD class today at Mad Duck Training, had a lot of great feedback on the class, hope we can bring LOSD back again” — John Farquhar, Mad Duck Training, West Elkton, OH
  • “Andrew, thank you for a fantastic class that was focused not only on Law of Self Defense, but one that included state-specific information that is not easily found without access to a law library. I have already received a number of reviews from attendees and each have been positive and thoughtful. Please continue the valuable work you do and thank you for sharing it with us!” — Chris Bunner, GunEnvy/Charlie-Bravo-Six Training, Columbus, OH
  • “Andrew, after the Law of Self Defense class, my wife and I had a lot to talk about. We appreciated how you are able to take complex legal concepts and make them simple enough for a regular person to understand. As a police officer, I am very aware how quickly the wrong force decision can place everything you hold dear in jeopardy, I learned so much. My wife knew the complexities of being a CCW permit holder, but your class gave her a deeper understanding of knowing what to do before, during and after a force encounter. Thank you for helping us understand the complex laws more easily.” — Glen Evans, WarriorMen
  • “I was sufficiently impressed with the LOSD class, I emailed our NRA director of state & local relations (basically, the chief state lobbyist) and recommended your class as potentially useful background info for his lobbyists who are out in the statehouses and frequently deal with legislation that affects LOSD. I told him it might be worth setting up a class here at NRA. — Matthew B., National Rifle Association, Fairfax, VA
  • “We really enjoyed the LOSD class and it gave us a lot to think about.” — Linda T., West Elkton, OH
  • “Excellent Course ! — Joe G., West Elkton, OH
  • “Great class! Thanks to John for hosting and to Andrew for some great information! The time raced by! Andrew provided information found nowhere else.” — Tad S., West Elkton, OH
  • “Great class. We got a lot out of it. Looking forward to reading the book.” — William M., West Elkton, OH
  • “Excellent class!!” — Joe G., West Elkton, OH
  • “Everyone I spoke to afterwards said the LOSD class was eye opening. Someone even suggested that your book be ‘Required Reading’ if applying for concealed carry, and I agree. I suggest to everyone I know who owns a gun that they read your book.” — Scott K., Fairfax, VA
  • “Your LOSD class was very informative.” — David C., Fairfax, VA
  • “The event was educational thank you for putting these on. The LOSD c provides some of the most important information out there for gun owners.” — Peter B., Columbus, OH
  • “Great information and we really enjoyed the class. Thank you for putting this information together in an easy to follow format! Will certainly suggest your book to attendees in our CCW classes.” — Becky F., Fairfax, VA


Don’t Delay: Get Your “Legal Body Armor” Today!



Build A Legally-Sound Self-Defense Strategy Customized for YOU

The value presented by the Law of Self Defense Class is considerable. Over the course of ~5 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of consulting one-on-one with a lawyer, you will learn how to build a legally-sound self-defense strategy that will:

  • Minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and civil suit.
  • Prepare you to win BOTH the physical AND the legal battles.
  • Account for not just the letter of the law but also how it’s actually applied actual courts and prosecutors to actual people.
  • Recognize what a prosecutor MUST prove in order to defeat your self-defense claim.
  • “Armor you” against the most common legal vulnerabilities.
  • Bolster your claim when defending others, and account for the strict limits on defending property.
  • Learn what “Stand-Your-Ground,” the “Castle Doctrine,” “Presumptions of Reasonableness” and “Self-defense Immunity” REALLY mean . . . and what they DO NOT mean.
  • Say the right thing to 911, the first responders, and the investigative officers (pro-tip: each interaction is VERY different).


Live, In-Person, State-specific Classes: Choose Your State of Interest


The Law of Self Defense Class is a ~5-hour-plus in-depth live event that instructs on the laws governing the use of force in defense of self, family, others, and property. Classes are conducted live in-person by Attorney Andrew Branca, and are specific to the state in which they are held. Classes are customized for each participants’ state-specific self-defense statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions for the participants (see below for details).