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So you’re interested in hosting a class.  That’s exciting!  Together, we can put together a GREAT event.  This page is stock full of information hosts need to know about our events, so make sure you read through it all.  Included is also an FAQ we compiled from questions Hosts have asked us in the past, and materials you can copy and print to help in your marketing endeavor.  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Emily with ANY questions.  We look forward to working with you!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Click here to see our Host Letter of Understanding which you will be required to sign prior to finalizing our agreement.  It lays out the most critical aspects of our working relationship!


Hosts make money when they have a Law of Self Defense Class at their facility.  Our standard profit share for hosts is 20% of registrations after cost.  Most hosts make a few hundred dollars, some make quite a bit more.  So the more seats you fill, the more you earn!

Before we can lock in a class date for a host, however, we do require a “Scheduling Security Deposit” of $500.  This deposit is refunded in full on the day of the class.  If, however, the class is cancelled for failure to hit any of the minimum number attendance goals as described below in “WHAT ARE THE HOST’S RESPONSIBILITIES FOR REGISTRATIONS?,” Law of Self Defense reserves the right to retain this deposit.

The reason for this deposit is to ensure that a prospective host does not ask us to lock in a revenue-generating weekend unless they have a reasonable expectation of meeting the attendance goals. It is our hope that every deposit will be refunded in full because the attendance goals have been met. That said, the host has a far better understanding of their own ability to attract students than does Law of Self Defense, and we do not wish to lock in one of our limited number of revenue-generating weekends if even the prospective host is uncertain that they can hit the minimum number attendance goals.

The Scheduling Security Deposit can be paid here.

We require at least 20 attendees.  The venue must have seating for at least that number.  Most classes have 30-40 attendees.

The venue should also be heated/cooled appropriately for the climate.

We also require a projector screen or similar on which to display the presentation.

The host understands that the attendance goal for a LEVEL 1 Classes is 30 to 40 students, and that it is expected that the bulk of these students will be recruited based on the host’s efforts. At 30 days prior to the class the expectation is that there will be no fewer than 20 students registered, and at 60 days prior that there will be no fewer than 10 students registered. Law of Self Defense may supply the host with electronic and printed flyers for distribution as marketing materials, as well as posters.

In the event that sign-up rates are short of these minimal goals, Andrew or Emily will give you a call 6-8 weeks in advance to discuss whether other ideas may be fruitful in recruiting more attendees.  If the minimum number of attendees (20 people) are not met within 4 weeks, we will either postpone the event to give more time or cancel the class offering full refunds.  If attendance falls below these guidelines the class may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Law of Self Defense.  If the class is canceled the host will not receive a commission, and the Scheduling Security Deposit of $500 will be retained, as described above in “HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HOST A CLASS?”

People interested in attending Andrew’s class need to go to the event registration page we post on our website.  We handle all administrative matters so any questions, comments or issues they may have can be directed to us.

Lunch is not normally provided, and only 1/2 hour is reserved for people to find food.  As a result, many hosts like to bring in a lunch for the customers either free of charge or charged separately from the class.  Otherwise students arrange for their own lunch.  If you wish to provide a lunch please let us know in advance.

We always start marketing an event immediately and recommend you do the same.  Excited attendees sign up right away and this avoids possible later schedule conflicts for them.  Early successes also reduce the pressure later while lack of interest early in the process is often a warning sign that more may be needed.  In fact if we don’t see at least 5 registrations in the first month that is a red flag for us.  That being said, our marketing efforts are fairly light early on then pick up steam 2-3 months prior to the event.

We typically schedule a full-day LEVEL 1 Class on a Saturday and a half-day LEVEL 2 Class on the Sunday of the same weekend.  Both are state-specific. The LEVEL 1 class is a pre-requisite for the LEVEL 2 class.

The LEVEL 1 Class provides a comprehensive education in use-of-force legal principles illustrated with the statutes, court decisions, and jury instructions of the relevant state.

The LEVEL 2 Class takes the ~10 most important appellate court decisions on use-of-force law in the state and dives deep into them, looking at the parties involved, the facts of the case, what happened at trial level, the grounds for appeal, the appellate court’s legal analysis, and finally the outcome.  All of this is at a level of detail we simply can’t do in the LEVEL 1 because of time constraints.  Generally we get half as many people sign up for the LEVEL 2 as for the LEVEL 1 class.

Click here to read our “Host Letter of Understanding,” This document is intended to ensure that both we and our hosts share mutual expectations for execution of a Law of Self Defense Class.