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Legal Consult ABSENT Defensive Force Event

IMPORTANT:  Law of Self Defense provides two forms of legal consult.  This page is solely for legal consults in the absence of an actual defensive force event.   For legal consults after an actual defensive force event, click here: Legal Consult AFTER Defensive Force Event.

If you have not been involved in an actual defensive force event, but would like personalized subject matter expertise on the possible application of your state’s laws to hypothetical self-defense scenarios of concern to you, Law of Self Defense can be of assistance.  Note that a legal consult in the absence of a defensive force event does not constitute legal advice.  Legal advice can only be received from an attorney licensed to practice law in the relevant jurisdiction.

To register for a consultation and receive your prioritized confirmation of registration, click here:  Register for Legal Consult ABSENT Defensive Force Event.

Following receipt of you registration for the Legal Consulting ABSENT Defensive Force Event you will be contacted by our office for scheduling.

We typically offer consult dates within three business days of receiving a registration, and strive to do so more quickly if circumstances allow. We understand that time may be of the essence in self-defense concerns.  NOTE: We do not schedule consults without a confirmation of registration, and we schedule consults in the order in which they are registered.

Note that legal consultations are billed at our usual hourly rate of $450 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

Consultation fees are non-refundable and consultations must be completed within 30 days of registration.