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Legal Resources

State-specific Seminar Slides

Traditionally, only those folks who have attended a particular Law of Self Defense Seminar have been permitted to obtain a copy of the slides for that seminar, and then only in paper form–we’ve never distributed presentation slides in any electronic format. Effective immediately, we’re smashing down both of those walls. We are making access to our presentation slides (from selected seminars) available to the broader Law of Self Defense community, both in paper and for the first time ever in electronic form.

State Law Compilations

Here you can find access to our ever-growing and regularly updated collection of Self-defense Law Compilations. These downloadable state-specific PDF documents list the specific statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions referenced in our live, in-person state-specific Law of Self Defense Seminars as well in our online, on-demand state-specific Law of Self Defense Online Training Courses.

Legal Consult Services

Law of Self Defense provides two distinct forms of legal consult services. Click on the one that best matches your circumstances:

Legal Consult AFTER Defensive Force Event:  You’ve had to use force in self-defense, and are facing legal peril.

Legal Consult ABSENT Defensive Force Event: You have not yet had to use force in self-defense, but have a strong need for high-level subject matter expertise on how your state’s laws might apply to a hypothetical defensive force event of concern to you.

Weekly Law Reports FREE!

Each week Law of Self Defense staff review self-defense court decisions from around the country. Those we find most interesting are summarized in each week’s “Law of Self Defense: Weekly Law Report.” The cases are organized by state, in alphabetical order, first listed in summary fashion in the Table of Contents and then by individual case.

Lawyer Referral Service

Not just a list of criminal defense attorneys pulled from a Google search, but a group of qualified self-defense attorneys specifically verified by the Law of Self Defense as to their knowledge of self-defense law in their jurisdiction.

Attorneys wishing to participate in this program should contact us directly at for more details on how to qualify.

Recommended Readings

Books we personally find highly useful, informative, and/or entertaining, and usually all three at once.