Massachusetts Self-Defense Law Compilation


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This document includes hyperlinks to the full-text versions of every self-defense statute, jury instruction, and court case referenced in either the Law of Self Defense Live Seminar: Massachusetts or the Law of Self Defense Online Training: Massachusetts.

If you are aware of additional statutes, jury instructions, or court cases that you believe should be included on this list, let us know and we will consider them for the next update (current version is indicated in footer, below).

This document obviously does not constitute legal advice. To facilitate your understanding of how the law may apply in the real world we encourage you to inform yourself on the law, including through our book, “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Ed.,” our live seminars, our online training, and/or by consulting with competent legal counsel in your jurisdiction.

This is a copyrighted work product, and may not be copied in any manner.


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