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The following is our refund policy for live classes:

(1) Registration fees are generally non-refundable once paid, except for the circumstances listed below.  In general if you are unable to attend a class for which you have registered we will happily transfer your registration to a future class, credit your registration fee to the online version of that class, or allow you to credit your registration fee to any other products and services offered by us.  You are also free to transfer your registration to another person, and arrange with them any transfer payment between you that you find mutually agreeable–you simply need to let us know the name and email address of your replacement. Please keep in mind that we incur fixed costs in putting on a class in good-faith reliance on the registration fees paid to us.

(2) If a class is cancelled by us, we will immediately refund your registration fee.  If you also paid for additional products (e.g., presentation slides) you will have the option to have those mailed to you (at our cost) or to receive a refund of that purchase, as well.

(3) If a class is re-scheduled by us, you will be offered the option of either moving your registration to the new class, or of receiving a refund under the same conditions as if the class had been cancelled.

(4) If you have a truly exceptional personal or family crisis that prevents you from attending, we will do everything possible to accommodate your circumstances.  Please note that such accommodations are, however, exceptional, and should not be assumed to be available.